An English-language degree is suitable for those pursuing an international career

Tuomas Vuolli studies Business Information Technology at LAB
Tuomas Vuolli is 26-years old Business Information Technology student at LAB University of Applied Sciences.

I have always liked the international environment, traveling, and learning about different cultures and customs. However, after high school, I was unsure what my own thing would be, so I was in working life and attending vocational school after that. When I went on an exchange to China in 2017 and then a year to work there, I realized I wanted to pursue an international career. 

While in China, I noticed that international business is where I want to develop into a top professional. Information technology is also a constantly evolving industry where innovations enter the market. Understanding the technology of these innovations will help you do business in the international market. In China, I gained a lot of valuable work experience contributing to my studies. 

However, I missed the school bench, so I headed to explore different study options. At LAB University of Applied Sciences, I was convinced by the wide range of English-language studies that made me apply to study in Lahti. Studying in English was obvious for me as it is the most used language in information technology and international business.  

Remote studying is well suited for IT and business students. Courses are often a project where independent doing has a significant impact on the result. The student studies in an online environment, and depending on the course, the teacher arranges online classes. At LAB University of Applied Sciences, teachers have been very accessible throughout the pandemic situation and have received help to study whenever needed. 

Studying in an international class is interesting. The projects and group work we do during our studies are carried out in groups that include people from all over the world. At the same time, you can get to know the culture the other represents and make contacts with different countries. 

LAB student.

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