Student Cooperation

Is your business in need of some zest? Our 8900 students from several faculties are ready to help.

We listed below some cooperation examples. Read more and contact us:
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Communication and marketing

Voice, visuality and communication. Strategy and method for marketing. All this under the same roof.

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Do you wish to strengthen and uphold the well-being of your work team or clients? What a great idea, let us help.

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Design and visual arts

Interior architecture as well as product design is needed to make your product or service shine. Let our experts help and enjoy the outcome.

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Do you need help in digitalising your business? How about designing, realising and updating technical results? We have the help you need.

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Event cooperation

Event cooperation - whether you are planning a sporting event, conference, cultural event or fair. 

Is it possible to carry out a multidisciplinary project?

Sure! It is possible to combine the skills of students from more than one faculty. 

What are my options for student cooperation?

Cooperation can be done e.g. as thesis, internship or student project. 

Are you looking for education services?

LAB University of Applied Sciences is an active player in global education services and the experts are used to work in multicultural environments. 

Should we get started right away?

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