​Publishing at LAB University of Applied Sciences aims to improve and enhance knowledge sharing in multi-disciplinary research and development as well as innovation. LAB is committed to the principles of open access publishing.

LAB Open

LAB Open is an open access publishing platform which publishes articles and audiovisual materials by the staff, students and partners of the LAB University of Applied Sciences. The platform hosts two individual journals which are published continuously. Both journals accept and publish articles also in English.

LAB Focus Blogs

The blogs of LAB's four focus areas bring forth each focus area’s RDI and education activities.

Publication series

The LAB publication series publishes reports, monographs and compilations based on the RDI and higher education teaching activities at LAB.

All publications in the series are available online via Theseus.

About publishing in LAB

You can read more about LAB’s publishing activities from the LAB Guide to publishing and open science. The guide also offers information about open science, how to evaluate scholarly publications, and how to promote your research.

For any additional information or questions, please contact julkaisutatlab [dot] fi

LAB Focus

Unleashing the power of connections at the CoilTech Fair 2023

In March 2023, one of the biggest events dedicated to electric motors and the automotive industry was held in Augsburg, Germany. As an RDI specialist on a mission to find the right product-market fit for the PROTOR research-to-business project, the CoilTech Fair 2023 was the perfect event to attend. The main goal of attending CoilTech […] The post Unleashing the power of connections at the CoilTech Fair 2023 appeared first on LAB Focus.

Biobased Circular Systems

Promoting circular bioeconomy and the circulation of materials, nutrients, and energy flows in the urban environment is at the heart of the CITISYSTEM – Supporting cities in sustainable biobased systemic change project (Interreg Europe 2023). In order to boost the knowledge exchange among the project partners and stakeholders, and to inspire the biobased circular economy […] The post Biobased Circular Systems appeared first on LAB Focus.

Improving soil health with food processing residues

Nutrient recovery and developing new recycled fertilizing products are topical issues, and in a center of the new Waste4Soil project (LAB UAS 2023). The projects kick-off meeting was arranged in Thessaloniki, Greece in the end of June. LAB University of Applied Sciences was participating in the meeting among the 28 partners from 10 European countries. […] The post Improving soil health with food processing residues appeared first on LAB Focus.