​Publishing at LAB University of Applied Sciences aims to improve and enhance knowledge sharing in multi-disciplinary research and development as well as innovation. LAB is committed to the principles of open access publishing.

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LAB Open is an open access publishing platform which publishes articles and audiovisual materials by the staff, students and partners of the LAB University of Applied Sciences. The platform hosts two individual journals which are published continuously. Both journals accept and publish articles also in English.

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The blogs of LAB's four focus areas bring forth each focus area’s RDI and education activities.

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The LAB publication series publishes reports, monographs and compilations based on the RDI and higher education teaching activities at LAB.

All publications in the series are available online via Theseus.

About publishing in LAB

You can read more about LAB’s publishing activities from the LAB Guide to publishing and open science. The guide also offers information about open science, how to evaluate scholarly publications, and how to promote your research.

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LAB Focus

Energy Transition Towards Climate Neutrality

The European Green Deal includes concrete steps to reach the EU’s commitment to becoming the first climate-neutral continent by 2050. Through the ‘Fit for 55’ package, the EU seeks to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030 compared to 1990 levels (European Commission 2021a; European Parliament 2021). That is supported by the […] The post Energy Transition Towards Climate Neutrality appeared first on LAB Focus.

Looking for a Socially Sustainable Society

Sustainability is not a one-dimensional theme. In a societal context, sustainable development is nowadays seen as a wider concept than the traditional ecological sustainability – being green. (Abdul Hameed Siddiqui 2018.) Economic and social sustainability are also important aspects to a modern, functional – sustainable society and therefore these themes were a part of this […] The post Looking for a Socially Sustainable Society appeared first on LAB Focus.

Library of Things has Positive Social and Environmental Impacts

Maallemuuttajat 2030 -project (LAB 2021) started a tool and device sharing library pilot (later: library of things) with Asikkala municipal library in June 2020 (Tuominen & Svartström 2020). The library of things was built in co-operation with local residents: first they had a change to make an impact on what goods can be found in […] The post Library of Things has Positive Social and Environmental Impacts appeared first on LAB Focus.