Up and about from your office chairs and cubicles! We offer a range of solutions for your work teams' or clients' well-being.

We have future experts on well-being: nurses, physiotherapists, social welfare specialists, paramedics studying in both campuses. 

Examples of possible student projects:

  • Recreation and welfare events
  • Events for children and youth as well as assignments on early childhood education
  • Monitoring the physical parameters of athletes


Student projects can be done in many forms. 

If you have an idea for a student project in well-being, let’s hear it!


Motiivi Wellness services

Motiivi Wellness services in LAB University of Applied Sciences produces a variety of wellness services at the Skinnarila campus. The services are for students, staff, companies and individuals interested in their well-being. Available services include instruction and guidance for musculoskeletal problems, personal training, fitness testing, massage therapy and InBody -body composition measurements. In addition we offer a spectrum of services for well-being at the workplace, including fitness testing, lectures and group sports. All our services are produced by physiotherapy students under the guidance of trained professionals.


Business Services
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