Thesis, internship and student projects

Thesis: new insights and problem solving

A thesis offers specific and concrete solutions, fresh perspectives and current information.

Thesis comprises of 2–4 months of work for the student. Possible expenses are always agreed with beforehand.

Internship: a new specialist for your company

An internship works also as an introduction of a new member to your work team. The student makes use of the skills and know-how they have acquired from LAB, offering a valuable contribution and latest knowledge to your workplace.

The employer and the student agree together the salary and other benefits for the internship. It is recommended that interns are payed. The length of the internship depends on the line of study.

Student projects: a fresh perspective and new tools

A student project offers new tools and processes for the company’s development.

Student projects can be implemented throughout the school year. The length, schedule, form and price are always agreed with the company case-by-case.


Theses, internships and student projects are offered throughout the year. 


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