Motiivi Wellness services

Motiivi Wellness services office

Motiivi Wellness services office is located at LAB University of Applied Sciences’ Lappeenranta campus’ second floor in room 2034. Picture: Johanna Tielinen.


Are you interested to find out your state of health, do you wish to get support for enhancing work community’s well-being or are you trying to find a way to fulfill your lifestyle change? Motiivi Wellness services at LAB University of Applied Sci-ences offers services to individuals, sports teams, groups, organizations, and students & staff on Campus. 

Motiivi Wellness services employs physiotherapy and public nursing students under guidance of physiotherapist and a sports instructor. Services highlight expertise and interest in well-being of people. Every customer is met as individual for whom is created individualised service plan based on customers’ needs and abilities.

Motiivi offers variety of services for individuals and work communities, such as work guidance and counselling in musculoskeletal symptoms, personal training, wellness campaigns, event services for workplaces, lessons, and massage therapy. 

Motiivi has versatile exercise and treatment facilities and equipment options available. The biomechanics and exercise physiology’s laboratories serve the physical testing needs of both athletes and recreational exerciser. Motiivi offers example InBody-bio-electrical impedance analysis and Goodfit -Goodness of fit tests.

Explore Motiivi’s services via webpage and contact the Motiivi either by phone or email! We will answer your questions of well-being and create together with you a fitting service plan that suits your individual needs and abilities.

Motiivi's treatment facilities

At 2nd floor of LAB University of Applied Sciences, you can Motiivi’s treatment facilities and the laboratories of biomechanics and exercise physiotherapy. Picture: Johanna Tielinen.

Motiivi's activity in autumn semester 2022

Motiivi Wellness services’ facilities has during fall semester of 2022 mask recommendation in customer situations. In autumn semester Motiivi Wellness services offers on site- and remote services. Current COVID-19 precautions and restrictions are taken into account when providing services on campus. To participate in remote services, one must have either a computer with a webcam or a smartphone/tablet equipped with Zoom video conference app. The Zoom app does not require login in. 

Services are available during the autumn semester until December 16th, 2022.


motiiviatlab [dot] fi

Ellinoora Villinger
p. 040 635 8510
ellinoora [dot] villingeratlab [dot] fi

Pekko Pirhonen
Sports coordinator
p. 040 725 8826
pekko [dot] pirhonenatlut [dot] fi