Työyhteisösimulaatio yritysten kasvun ja kehittämisen välineenä

The main aim of the project is to develop a new multidisciplinary pilot environment based on simulation method for enterprises and work organizations. During the project research and development models of enterprises are reinforced to match with high-speed, complex and digitalizing business environment. The possibilities to simplify complex working life by simulation and to apply simulation as a game are studied in the project. Furthermore, it is studied which fields of business and industry benefit the most from the simulation.

In this context, the simulation is a way to train challenging working life situations, practice work skills, for example, sale, or to analyze decision-making. It is not question of computer simulation, robotics or drama. The above mentioned aims are addressed through the following pilots: - working life simulation: challenging situations in the workplaces - managing simulation: decision-making - project and process simulation: R&D-projects of enterprises - service simulation: training customer service skills.

Simulations are tested and developed mainly with the local organizations, but it is also possible to spread and change knowledge internationally.
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ERDF 2014-2020
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