Tuetusti työhön ja osallisuuteen Päijät-Hämeessä

Supported for employment and inclusion in Päijät-Häme

The main idea of project
• developing the competence of professionals to ensure that they are familiar with the service package for work ability and know how to use it for the client’s benefit
• creating a multidisciplinary service package that identifies work ability support needs among unemployed persons with partial work ability, and involves providing services and service paths in a customer-oriented manner

The sets of measures of project include
• Integrating work ability support into the social and health centres of the future
• Increasing the use of supported employment mechanisms for people with difficulties to find and stay in work (e.g. long-term unemployed, people with disabilities).
• Strengthening the work ability competence of professionals and specialists

As a result of the project, clients will have easily accessible and functional work ability support services.
LAB supports the implementation of the project through evaluation and service design.

Implementors: The Centre of Excellence on Social Welfare in Päijät-Häme and eastern Uusimaa Verso, LAB University of Applied Sciences and Municipality of Padasjoki
Funding: Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, state subsidy
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