Kestävyyttä edistävien muutoselämysten liiketoiminnalliset mahdollisuudet matkailualalla

A unique transformation changing the person involved towards a better self is the most significant part of the experience. The basis for an extraordinary and unforgettable experience is a transformation in the traveller, no matter how small. However, there needs to be more discussion and research on these memorable, transforming experiences in Finland, how they are created and designed, and their impact on profitability. In this project, we aim to clarify these topics and develop an understanding and an operational model to enable these experiences.

The project aims to increase understanding of the business opportunities of transformational experiences in the tourism industry. This project seeks to understand how sustainability (economic, socio-cultural and ecological) can be enhanced by building transformative tourism experiences along the whole customer journey and by taking the possibilities of digitalisation into account both in the creation and research processes.

As a result of the research, a toolbox is created to help tourism businesses create responsible, possibly digitally aided and followed, transformative experiences and execute the transformation process.
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