Culture Tourism for City Breakers

Culture Tourism for City Breakers focuses on building city-based international cultural tourism. It brings fields of cultural production, tourism management and business together in order to build a multidisciplinary co-development forum for cultural tourism actors with strong connection to educational institutions.

The Project is based on a joint co-developer forum that takes action in series of co-creation and co-developing Think- tanks in each partner city (Helsinki, Lahti and Jyva¨skyla¨). As an end result there will be a multidisciplinary piloted co-development model that brings together culture and tourism practitioners, students and professionals.

Results will be developed into educational material / course that works as a dissemination platform of new expertise for all the students of culture and tourism at a national level.
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Project funding
ESF 2014-2020 Flat Rate 17%
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Institute of Design