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We work with other operators to enable transition towards a carbon-neutral circular economy.

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Sharing Economy in Communities and Neighbourhoods in Päijät-Häme

Sharing economy can give rise to residents’ activity that increases the development and well-being of the area and creates new local services and jobs. It can also strengthen social relations between residents and their bond with the living environment. (Drake et al. 2016.) CECI (Citizen involvement in circular economy implementation), an Interreg Europe (2020) funded […]

Developing sustainable mobility through fall estimation service

CitiCAP project aims to change the attitude and behaviour of citizens of Lahti to smart urban mobility. It aims to encourage the transfer from private car use to more sustainable and green friendly mobility options e.g. through Personal Carbon Trading (PCT) application. (Uia-initiative, 2020).   LAB University of Applied Sciences is a partner in the […]

Biogas from biowaste – LABIO example showcased on EU level

Biogas is a topical issue in several EU countries. In 2018, the revised European Union waste policy introduced stricter rules for handling bio-waste (European Commission 2020). By 2023, separate collection of bio-waste was set to be mandatory throughout Europe. At the same time, it encourages the change from land-filling and incineration towards anaerobic digestion (AD) […]