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We work with other operators to enable transition towards a carbon-neutral circular economy.

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Smart Specialisation in the post-2020 period: challenges and opportunities for the Baltic Sea region

On the 19th November 2019 the Baltic Sea Commission and the Informal Baltic Sea Group together with the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region organized a seminar for political and innovation ecosystem partners to discuss the vision and aims of the Baltic Sea’s innovation agenda. Over 140 participants were accepted to join this high-level […]

Showcase Studio: IoT innovations

During SLUSH 2019 new innovations from the IoT field were presented. IoT, Internet of Things, is a network of physical objects and sensors that are connected to Internet, sending and exchanging data via web. New IoT product demonstrations took place in Showcase Studio stage during SLUSH and it was clear that IoT of tomorrow is […]

Promotion of sustainability needs intercultural competences

Lahti University of Applied Sciences (LAMK) has a role as a higher education institution in development of collaboration between Lahti and Kyoto areas especially in sustainability and new business. Other partners are Ladec Ltd and City of Lahti. Establishing good relationships and familiarizing yourself with culture and society are essential to achieve results. Also, official […]

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