Bachelor of Business Administration, International Business, full-time studies, Lahti, 210 ECTS

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BBA for International Business Experts

The Bachelor’s Degree Programme in International Business introduces you to the world of contemporary business in a modern, international learning environment. The programme combines theory and practice, and you will develop into an international business professional with strong business management skills, communication skills and the ability to work in multicultural environments. 

Future experts, leaders and entrepreneurs need good leadership skills but also ethical thinking and sustainable business enterprise knowledge. Designing services for international businesses requires creativity and innovativeness. 

Study international business in a truly international environment

The content of the studies is continuously updated together with potential employers to meet the skill requirements for future professionals. The studies are carried out entirely in English in an international environment, and they include an exchange period or work placement abroad. The Faculty of Business has over 100 partner institutions and universities around the world, e.g. in Germany, France and China. 

In the first year, you will develop a good foundation pertaining to different areas of business and start building your professional profile by completing core competence studies. From the second year onwards, you have the opportunity to start personalising your study path by doing complementary competence studies.

We offer you a choice of modules in international business, marketing, financial management, logistics, entrepreneurship, digital business and information technology. We also offer modules combining expertise from various different fields. You can also complete part of your studies in multidisciplinary development projects and learning environments (e.g. in student cooperatives and at campus radio).

How to Apply? 

Apply with a non-Finnish qualification
Do you have a non-Finnish educational background and diplomas? Apply to LAB from July 17th to August 4th, 2023.
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Apply with a Finnish qualification
Do you have a Finnish diploma/education? Or EB/IB/RP/DIA -diploma? Apply during the joint application period, from September 4th to September 14th, 2023.

Egor Kashentsev

Egor recommends LAB for everyone interested in studying in Finland. LAB opens up many possibilities, he says.

“Seriously, I don’t know a single student who wouldn’t be satisfied with the university"

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