In many ways, the future looks more uncertain than before. When the operating environment changes rapidly, even more foresight is needed. By foresighting one can imagine alternative futures as well as actively promote the desired systemic changes. In order to meet the future challenges, one must have the ability and desire to imagine futures that sometimes seem impossible. Though, a future we cannot imagine is impossible to achieve.

Companies often see their operating environment narrowly and focus almost exclusively on the company's own field. The media often feeds images of the future that are negative and follow current trends. It is very important that we want, can and dare to challenge the gloomy images and prevailing perceptions. In this way, the anxiety created by negative mental models can be alleviated and new opportunities can be discovered. The ability to imagine drives change.

In the TUTU-verstas project, the company's management and personnel are guided through training sessions to utilize futures thinking and foresight in their own operations. Through the project's trainings, companies learn to form e.g. future images and use simple foresight tools and methods in their every day life.
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