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In terms of technology, AI (artificial intelligence) could already be used much more in micro, small and medium enterprises. Guidance and inspiration are still needed to improve competence and to find more opportunities to utilize AI. With the help of AI and data analytics, enterprises can improve their business opportunities in many ways and increase corporate resilience and employability.

The “Get familiar with AI” project aims to increase the use of AI in companies by lowering the threshold for the introduction of new technologies, by providing creative examples of applications and by teaching the basics of the technology. Employees are trained to understand how AI changes the ways of the operations and work as well as improve their digital skills and abilities. In addition, the aim is to create networks in different industries, where people working on the same challenges can get support from each other and get to know service providers at a low threshold.
The project organizes a series of webinars using top experts in the field as speakers and trainers. The topics of the
webinars focus on examples from different industries, to give practical tips. The project implements an online course
for the employees of the SMEs and for future employees. The course is built to be flexibly, and participants can take
the entire course or any parts of it as desired.
As a result of the project, awareness and competence in the use of AI will increase and the threshold for the
introduction of new technologies will get lower in various industries, for example in social and health services, food
industry and service sector and real estate and construction industry. Companies will have a better understanding of the benefits of AI and data analytics in knowledge management and business growth, and they will find skilled
employees for the new technologies.
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