The gender segregation in education and in working life is stronger in Finland than the European average.
The main goal of this project is to change the working patterns of professionals who work to support young people in educational and career choices. The aim is also to provide tools for the professional to identify and mitigate gender segregation as part of their work and working environment. Main target groups of the project are professionals working in education and counceling; teachers, student counselors, youth workers and hobby counselors. Experiential learning is used as an educational method in the project to support the learning and development of adults and young people. The project is implemented by LAB University of Applied Sciences and Outward Bound Finland.

As a result of the project:
1) a coaching program for education and guidance professionals working with young people is developed. Through the coaching program, participants become more aware of the external and internal factors that influence gender segregation and have a variety of methods available to mitigate it in their own work.
2) organizations have performed two developmental tasks from the perspective of gender segregation. As a result of these interventions, young people are aware of the impact of gender segregation and gender stereotypes in selection processes and supported in making choices outside these influences.
3) at least 20 different tools and / or policies to reduce gender segregation have been piloted and described and
disseminated to youth education and guidance professionals and networks in the field.
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