Päijät-Hämeen liikunnan ja elämysten tiekartta

The project aims at compiling a Päijät-Häme Road map for Health related physical activity and Sport, tourism and
Experience & promotion of Well-Being, which defines visions, the main development themes and actions, through
which Päijät-Häme region’s possibilities to be profiled as an active exercise, sports, event area as well as an a region
of well-being promotion and centre of excellence, will be strengthened nationally and internationally.

The Road Map project brings together different stakeholders and adopts a collaborative co-creation approach to identify and define the core development themes and objectives related to health-related physical activity and sports, tourism and experiences and promotion of well-being in the Päijät-Häme region. This is achieved by identifying the main development steps in each development path and linkages between them.

The visualized road map is compiled as a result of the project. It set guidelines development activities in Päijät-Häme
region for the years 2021-2030. As a short-term result the roles of different stakeholders have been clarified, and a
more systematic way of collaboration has been achieved, and synergies between different development paths and
activities have been recognized. This provides fruitful ground for the development of new innovations and business In the long-run, awareness of physical activity, experiences and well-being as regional smart specialization strategies has increased.
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ERDF 2014-2020
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