My home in Finland

Kotoa kotiin - My home in Finland

My home in Finland project’s target groups are especially Arabic, Kurdish, Darin and Thai language women who have remained outside of normal services (e.g. stay at home mothers, or low reading and writing skills). The project conducts group procedures which improve the target groups social and community participation, Finnish language skills, cultural knowledge, and mental health. Project participants also benefit from peer support and mentoring groups consisting of both immigrants and native Finns. Children are welcome with their mothers, and childcare will be provided.

My home in Finland project aims to
1) Develop a group-based integration model (2 pilot schemes) which serves the needs of the target group, provides initial assessment and if required directs participants to acute services, facilitates a group support process and sets out continuation plans.
2) Create a peer support model to support participation and well-being of the target group by recruiting and preparing more integrated immigrants alongside native Finns to operate as volunteers. Creation of materials and instruments to aid the volunteers is included.
3) Assess material and experience gained during the pilot stage and use it to create a model which can be widely used.

The project is active in the Päijät-Häme region and all the group gatherings will take place in Lahti. The project is conducted in co-operation with LAB, Lahden Diakonialaitos and Koulutuskeskus Salpaus.

Participating in the group events supports women's integration, as their networks increase, and they become familiar with regional services and working practices. Their Finnish language skills improve, and following the group events, they have clearly defined continuation plans. They are also better prepared for active parenthood and they are more able to support their children’s education. In addition to this, the participation and skills of the volunteers is improved.
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The Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF)
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