KETTU – Ketterä uraohjaus osaksi ammatillista koulutusta

KETTU - Agile career coaching in vocational education and training
The main objective of the project is to provide the teaching and guidance staff of vocational education and training
(VET) with a better capacity to offer career guidance for the student's personal goals throughout the studies.
An indirect aim is to improve the working life skills of students, reduce dropout rates and improve young people's
The project is divided into two action groups:
Action Group 1: The actions to support the development of the career guidance skills of the teaching and guidance
staff in vocational education and training.
Action Group 2: The actions to integrate the career guidance as part of the vocational education and training.
Results of the project are
1. A coaching program for teaching and guidance staff in vocational education and training.
2. Teaching and guidance staff's ability to implement career guidance has improved.
3. Agile model for career guidance for vocational education and training.
4. Agile career guidance model is in use at vocational education and training.
5. Experiences from different career guidance models.
6. New ways of career guidance are integral part of vocational education and training.
7. The skills for employment of VET students has improved.
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ESR 2014-2020 Flat Rate
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