Integration of Fibre-based Packaging Solutions for the Needs of SME`s -KUPARI

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The driver behind the project “Integration of Fibre-based Packaging Solutions for the Needs of SME's” is the growing
demand for packaging solutions made from renewable resources. Changes in consumer behavior, digitalisation and
stricter environmental demands of packaging materials bring new demands for packaging manufacturers and
companies using packaging. Moving to ecological packaging solutions opens new business opportunities for both
packers and packaging machinery manufacturers.

The main object of the project is to develop and pilot low-carbon, fibre- and bio-based packaging solutions in the area
of South-Karelia and Päijät-Häme, taking into account the special needs of small and medium sized enterprises
(SME’s). The environmental friendliness and the objectives of circular economy are promoted by creating possibilities
for the use of renewable materials in the companies. Another objective of the project is to advance the use of
ecological packaging solutions and to reduce food waste with new packaging innovations, which are developed by the
means of material development, production engineering and packaging design. The project brings the information
about newest ecological packaging solutions for the companies, and makes possible the piloting and integration of the

As a result of the project, the new packaging solutions, suitable especially for SME’s have been piloted in the
enterprises using packaging. In addition, the readiness of machinery manufacturing enteprises of the area to develop
their business for packaging machinery manufacturing has been determined. The material-, manufacturing processand
design-development work made at Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) and LAB University of Applied
Sciences has resulted in functional alternatives for packages made from oil-based plastics, and means to
reduce the amount of packaging material to promote a low carbon society.
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ERDF 2014-2020
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Institute of Design and Fine Arts
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User-driven Packaging Design (Case:KUPARI), pages 99-108

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