Open UAS student fees

Course fee: €15 per credit

  • The total fee depends on the total number of credits of the course. For example, the fee of a five ECTS credit course is €75.

Semester fee: €100

  • The total fee of path studies is €200 (the study period is two semesters)

All fees are non-refundable.

Who can study free of charge?

Studying at the LAB Open UAS is free of charge for the following groups (you will need a discount code when enrolling):

  • Finnish high school and vocational school students *)
  • LUT and LAB degree students
  • Personnel of LUT Universities
  • Lappeenranta SaiPa and Veiterä players
  • LAB alumni who have graduated after January 1, 2022 within the target time (bachelor's 3,5 or 4 years, master's 2 or 2,5 years): Open UAS studies are free of charge during the graduation semester and two semesters following graduation.

=> Before enrolling, ask for the discount code at avoinamkatlab [dot] fi

*) Submit a scanned, current student certificate or a screenshot from the front page of Wilma or similar system to avoinamkatlab [dot] fi. Please make sure that the certificate or screenshot shows your name and the name of your school.

Transcripts and certificates

After successfully completing your studies you can get an electronically signed transcript of your Open studies by ordering it from avoinamkatlab [dot] fi. The first transcript is issued free of charge.

VAT 0% (all prices)


Path studies: The first semester fee of 100€ must be paid at the LAB online shop within 7 days after you are notified that you have been accepted as a path student. Payment instructions will be sent in the acceptance letter sent by email.

Individual courses: Fill in the e-form and pay the course fee in our online shop to secure your place on the course.

Note! Studying at Open UAS does NOT entitle you to get financial aid for students from KELA. If you're unemployed you should consult your TE Services counselor before registering to Open studies.