Lappeenranta Campus

Lappeenranta Campus, shared by LAB University of Applied Science and LUT University, is the largest higher education campus in Southeast Finland. 10 000 people work there, 3400 of them being LAB students.
A student walking down the hallway on Lappeenranta Campus

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Lappeenrannan kaupunki ilmakuva keskusta

Lappeenranta city

Lappeenranta is an international university city in Southeast Finland. Over 10 % of its 73 000 inhabitants are university students. Lappeenranta is known for its fascinating nature and Lake Saimaa, the fourth largest lake in Europe.

LUT Academic Library Lahti

LUT Academic Library

You can find LUT Academic Library on both campuses and online. The academic library has a vast collection of both print and electronic materials to help with your studies.  LUT Academic Library is the joint library of LUT University and LAB University of Applied Sciences.