Welcome to the LAB University of Applied Sciences!

As of January 1st, 2020 Lahti University of Applied Sciences and Saimaa University of Applied Sciences have merged and established a completely new institution: the LAB University of Applied Sciences. With over 8 500 students, LAB is the sixth largest University of Applied Sciences in Finland.

LAB is a higher education institution focusing on innovation, business and industry. It has campuses in the cities of Lahti and Lappeenranta and an online campus as the LAB offers courses, services and entire study programmes online.
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Arrival to the LAB campus in Finland

Please arrive to the LAB campus as soon as you have been granted a residence permit (RP) and begin your studies normally together with the other students of your group. On-site presence is especially important for those courses which include laboratory work.


Important dates for incoming students

4.-5. January 2021 recommended arrival to Finland 

7.-8. January 2021 orientation

14.-15. January 2021 access to campus, if arrival during 4.-5. January as recommended (NOTE! Access to campus only after 10 days of arrival to Finland!)

18 January 2021 latest day of arrival to Finland / latest day of starting studies online

28 January 2021 access latest to the campus (after 10 days of arrival to Finland)


NOTE! Residence permit

Start the application process for your residence permit as soon as possible (incl. paying the fee for the RP application). The earlier you can start the process the better, because delays are expected due to the COVID-19.

All students are expected to arrive to Finland without a delay as soon as the residence permit is granted.


Orientation and studies online instead of on-campus

You may attend the orientation and begin your studies online, if arrival to Finland and LAB is not possible due to the delay in receiving the residence permit. Note that online studies are an exception and possible only if there are delays in granting the residence permit.   

All degree students are expected to start their studies either on-site or distantly in accordance with the given orientation and study schedule: Orientation starts on 7 January. At the latest, degree students need to arrive to Finland on 18 January or start their distant studies on 18 January.

If a degree student cannot arrive to Finland or start the studies online by 18 January, due to COVID-19, the student needs to register him/herself as absent for the 2021 spring term. In this case the student can start his/her studies in the autumn 2021.

Note that distant orientation and studies are valid during the COVID-19 pandemic, and after the situation is normalized, distant studies are not anymore offered during the coming years in this scale.


Tuition fees

Tuition fees needs to be paid also in the case of attending distant orientation and studies (those, who are required to pay the tuition fee).

If a student has started his/her studies distantly and has paid the tuition fee, but is not granted a residence permit, the tuition fee for spring semester 2021 is not returned to the student, but he/she has the right to conduct studies until the end of the 2021 spring semester. He/she will be issued a transcript of records of the studies conducted.


Degree students’s check list

Please see the new degree student’s check list at https://www.lab.fi/en/welcome-to-study/getting-started.