Language training

Language skills are an asset!

Get an advantage over your competitors. Language skills are part of the skills of today's professionals!

Kielikoulutukset eri kielillä

Good language skills and knowledge of cultures help you make personal contacts that can prove to be the key to success in business.

Smooth meetings, confident negotiations, small talk, impressive presentations, and effective reports. Help your staff to develop their ability to work in different languages in different work situations.

We offer language training in nine different languages: English, Swedish, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, French, German, Russian, Finnish as a second/foreign language.


Course examples

Smooth conversations

The training will equip participants with the skills to hold a natural conversation in their chosen language. Proficiency level B1-B2.

Confidence in speaking

The aim of the training is to give participants the confidence to perform in a variety of situations and the ability to make clear and effective presentations. Proficiency level B1-B2.

Meeting and negotiation skills

The training will enable participants to communicate fluently in meetings and negotiations in their chosen language. The training focuses on negotiation simulations, including negotiation theory. Skill level B2.

Writing skills

This training strengthens the participant's ability to produce clear factual texts. The training focuses on writing, including the theory of precise and clear writing. The training is delivered in a blended learning format, including both face-to-face and online learning. Skill level B1-B2.


Language and communication skills are a success factor!

The joint Language Centre of the LAB University of Applied Sciences and LUT University offers training in language and communication skills for individuals, companies and communities. We tailor training and coaching packages for companies of all sizes.




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