Bachelor's Entrance Examinations and SAT minimums

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Bachelor's Entrance Examinations

Impact of Coronavirus on Entrance Examinations held in Finland

In order to comply with the Finnish government recommendations due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the entrance examination of Bachelor’s Degree Programmes conducted in English will not be arranged as planned in March – April as planned in Finland. 

Universities of applied sciences made joint backup plans for situation where the entrance examinations couldn't be conducted as planned and new invitations have been sent to those invited between March 27-30 by e-mail.

Also check the blue boxes below for updated information.


All applicants who have demonstrated their eligibility will be invited to sit an entrance examination. As an alternative to the entrance examination of Business Information Technology, International Business, Mechanical Engineering and Tourism and Hospitality you can take a SAT test.

LAB University of Applied Sciences requires the SAT test results from the following two sections:

  • Evidence-based reading and writing (min score 480)
  • Math (min score 500)

Note: Essay results are not required.

The SAT score must arrive to LAB Admission Services directly from the  test organizer, College Board.
The code for LAB Lahti Campus is 6891
The code for LAB Lappeenranta Campus is 7191
If you are applying to both Lahti and Lappeenranta campuses, it is enough that the SAT result has been submitted to only one campus.

The SAT test result needs to be received at LAB University of Applied Sciences by 21 April 2020. Click below the blue box for detailed instructions.


Entrance examination Cooperation

Universities of applied sciences cooperate with each other in terms of entrance examinations. In practice this means that if you apply to two or more degree programmes that cooperate with each other you only need to take one entrance examination. Eligible applicants will be invited to the entrance examination which is applicants' highest option in a cooperating group in the application.

Cooperation outside of Finland will be organized by FINNIPS network.  Note that some Universities of Applied Sciences are not members of FINNIPS network and they do not accept entrance examination results from entrance examinations outside of Finland.

Cancelled entrance exams in China, South-Korea and Hanoi.
Due to the coronavirus and its effects, the entrance examinations were cancelled in China, South Korea and Hanoi in Vietnam. The applicants who had chosen China or South Korea as their exam location or pre-registered for the exam in Hanoi, have been contacted by the UASs that invited them to the exams. The above-mentioned applicants have now also been invited to the online exam replacing the national exam held in Finland.

Cooperating degree programmes in Finland and outside of Finland are listed here.

The pre-reading material for the international business exam has been published on 13 January 2020.