Facilities and services in Lahti

From lectures to festive occasions, from simulations to dinnerparties. Our premises really do adapt. Tasty menu is of course part of every occasion. Contact us and let’s plan your event!



Auditorium for 600 people, can be divided to three parts. Extra seating can be added to increase the volume for up to 1000 people.

Exhibition facilities

Exhibition space is a shared space in the heart of the campus. It can be turned into e.g. convention or exhibition area, open lecture space, festival area, dinner hall or a workshop space. Exhibition facilities include also a seminar space for 70 people, that can be combined to add to the arena.

Meeting and co-working spaces

There are multiple spaces for meetings and co-working in the campus that will suit for your needs.

Learning facilities

There are class rooms and other learning spaces around the campus for diverse needs.

More pictures of the facilities:

Vuokrattavat tilat, NiemiCampus

Rent facilities and services