Brand building

If your product hasn’t exactly found its users yet or your service is still fairly unknown, don’t worry: we will help you to build your brand. Choose from our services below!


Kick start workshop

In this workshop we get to know each other and chart your company's brand development needs. Together we will plan a roadmap for our collaboration. 


Brand basis workshop

The reputation of a company is built from well laid foundations. The core of the brand is always carefully defined with a round table method, together in discussion.

Solid foundation is built with these building blocks: 

  • Dream — where are we headed?
  • Mission — why do we exist?
  • Values — things we believe in.
  • Uniqueness — our attraction in comparison to competition.
  • Brand personality — the humane qualities of our company.
  • Tone of voice — easygoing or businesslike?
  • Audience — model customers
  • Promise/core message — the core of the brand!

The service includes a brand book that summarises the essence of the brand for easy marketing.


Justiina brand coaching

A coaching plan that follows the development of the brand for a longer period of time. The aim is to support you to build your company's reputation.

Duration: 0,5 / 1 year

Coaching sessions: 6–9 sessions


Visual identity

A charismatic and approachable brand identity has a polished outfit. Logo, colours, visual range as well as fonts are the clothes of your company. Whether you go with business casual or overalls, we get the gist. We will give you a selling appearance.


Business Services
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