The TwinInno -project is based on experiments with companies. The contents of the experiments are shaped by the needs of each company. For example, a project can offer companies the opportunity to test their own operating models, get help refining new ideas or get support to carry out the innovation process.

The results of these experiments will be used to make the joint operating model of the companies and LAB University of Applied Sciences more efficient and to help to support the growth of innovation activities in the regions.

The project target group is SMEs operating in the provinces of Päijät-Häme and South Karelia, especially SMEs which have an idea or need for RDI investment.

As a result of the TwinInno project, companies gain concrete new insight and knowledge into their innovation and development activities. The measures focus on the initial phase of innovation activities, where co-operation is tailored to each case, and on supporting the implementation of RDI investments through selected and short-term implementations.

The main goal of the TwinInno project is to help innovation growth in South Karelia and Päijät-Häme regions. As the end result the project aims to develop a research, competence and innovation center for practical innovation, which will:

-promote the ability, competence and courage of SMEs to make commercially sound RDI investment decisions
-ensure the successful implementation of RDI investment projects with selected, agile operating models and methods
-promote the creation of new jobs in SMEs
-promote the creation of new businesses

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ERDF 2014-2020
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