TOIVE - Towards equal working life

TOIVE - Towards equal working life project is aimed to reduce workplace gender segregation in three industries: ICT, game industry and esports. All of these industries have stereotypical image for being only for men and entering the industry or applying to related studies might be difficult if you are woman or non-binary person. A comprehensive dismantling of segregation in these areas is necessary for at least three reasons: promoting equality, reaching the full labour potential, and achieving the development and growth potential of the sectors.

TOIVE focuses on creating equal opportunities for people regardless of their gender, gender identity and gender expression. This is done by increasing knowledge about the gender segregation, providing good practices on how to avoid and reduce workplace gender segregation, providing mentoring and networking opportunities for the underrepresented people and creating new paths to work life.

The challenge is approached through three work packages. These include the development of a network of mentors, concrete support for working life paths, and increase awareness and knowledge of gender segregation at work and gender diversity in general.

The path to working life work package aims to improve participants skills and networks, offers internship opportunities, and develops good practices to support on-the-job training. Mentoring work package develop methods and measures to support the accessibility and diversity of mentoring. In addition, the aim is to support and highlight the mentoring offered by existing, volunteering organizations. The communication work package supports awareness and information on gender diversity and the challenges workplace gender segregation creates. As a result of the project, participants have received new networks, opportunities, and know-how to promote their career development. The main outcome of the project is the introduction of pathways to working life practices and a mentoring network, which will continue to operate even after the project has ended. In addition, awareness of gender diversity and gender segregation has increased.

TOIVE (wish) is a gender-neutral Finnish name.
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ESR 2021-2027
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