Potential of fibre materials

Tekstiilistä tuotettua kierrätyskuitua
Potential of fibre materials project is coordinated by LAB University of Applied Sciences, which has a circular economy laboratory specialized in testing and process development. When the separate collection of textile waste starts at the beginning of 2023 the amount of textile waste and recycled fibers will increase rabidly. In addition to this, targets for durability and recyclability of textiles have been set in European Union Strategy for Sustainable and Circular Textiles. It is extremely important to study fibre materials to understand better their potential in utilization.

The project investigates the current situation of fibre analysis services and plans how it can be developed. Better availability of fibre analysis services in the region would increase the attraction of the region, both from a business and research perspective. By providing analysis services, LAB University of Applied Sciences can better respond to the needs of product development coming from the companies.
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