DIH 2.0

In the DIH 2.0 project, LAB University of Applied Sciences together with LUT University is building a local digital innovation hub in South Karelia. The purpose of the innovation hub is to bring together the development, testing, and experimentation ecosystems of digital technologies offered by both universities, as well as applied research and training for the needs of SMEs. The concentration is strongly built alongside existing student and business networks, offering an ecosystem of joint development based on genuine interaction.

The project maps the needs of the local business sector, relying on existing experience and know-how, building an entity that can be approached with a low threshold, enabling SMEs to scale or develop their current business with the help of digitalization. After the end of the project, the companies will have a concrete point of contact for all LAB and LUT's digitization-promoting services. The digital innovation hub will create a functional network around it comprised of both local digital solution suppliers and other local and national DIHs. This enables a network that strengthens the local business life and builds an important bridge between the demand and supply of digital solutions.
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EAKR 2021-2027
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Business and Hospitality Management
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