Digitaaliset ratkaisut rakennetun ympäristön resurssituottavuudessa

Building Information Model (BIM), can provide productivity and dependable information for the whole life span of
buildings. This RYHTI project is an opening for a wider development idea. LAB and LUT are developing a R&D
environment for digital solutions in the field of productive and sustainable built environment. The items are building automation, AI solutions in use and maintenance, smart processes and solutions in low-carbon construction, as well as new business models for the industry.

Digital twin concept and other IT tools can help to cut down remarkable shares of materials and labor hours, as well as aid time management of construction projects. In maintenance, the possibilities to control for example energy use and efficiency are wide. Thus, all digitalisation actions in the field of building sector are important steps towards carbon-neutral society and the goals of sustainable development.

Construction and real estate business is very labor-intensive. Widening the opportunities of digitalisation and use of digital tools will enable gender equality in this very male-dominant field. Also, by transferring physical work to digital work, new opportunities can open for aged and disabled employees.

REACT-EU financed.
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ERDF 2014-2020
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