Augmented reality to prevent adverse events in healthcare

AIR4Safety aims to solve a worldwide healthcare problem related to patient safety with a radical augmented intelligence and reality (AIR) solution. Adverse events are estimated to cause more than 3 million deaths per year worldwide. In Europe, a total annual cost is up to €42 billion. It is estimated that even 50% of adverse events can be prevented with better knowledge management. Innovation solutions utilising technology such as smart glasses could significantly improve the situation.

According to World Health Organization (WHO), every point within a care process contains a certain degree of inherent risk. A substantial proportion of adverse events are related to medication errors and healthcare associated infections. AIR4Safety is working on an innovative augmented reality solution, through which the healthcare practitioner would receive timely information about the guidelines, recommendations, and best practices. Smart glasses would also support the memorization of things and, if necessary, guide action in a situation where the time pressure and turnover of healthcare staff is high.

Higher education institutions offer an opportunity for health technology innovations

AIR4Safety, funded by Business Finland, is a joint project of LAB University of Applied Sciences and LUT University. Researchers are working on a unique innovation consortium in which technology and healthcare companies are supported by cutting-edge scientific and research expertise. With this cooperation, companies have access to modern simulation and testing environments and communication with well-being service providers.

"Companies are supported from identifying business opportunities to testing, refining and exporting the end product to the customer. This kind of innovation ecosystem offered by higher education institutions provides an opportunity for companies to be forerunners also on an international scale," says Project Manager Susanna Tella from LAB University of Applied Sciences.

The purpose of the AIR4Safety innovation ecosystem is to bring together health technology companies aiming for international growth, research institutes supporting the development of innovations, and service providers utilising health technology. 

Smart glasses to support memory and prevent adverse events

AIR4Safety is responding to challenges of the social and healthcare organisations. One major challenge is the shortage of nursing professionals and high turnover. Client and patient safety is jeopardised since the safety is dependent on the quality of teamwork and the shortage and high turnover are complicating the performance of the teams.

Moreover, the increasing role of home care is burdensome since inexperienced employees can end up working alone. Innovative technological solutions are needed to address these challenges and support the cognitive ability of healthcare employees.

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