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Through our expertise we help to promote productivity and competitiveness by developing new models for businesses and organisations. 

  • Experimental development ecosystems for innovations​
  • Business design and thick value​
  • Renewing and evolving entrepreneurship​
  • New radical initiatives

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Lead your thoughts entrepreneur

Leading your thoughts is an important skill for an entrepreneur. Or to be honest – anyone. Improved self-efficacy gives you greater motivation, more autonomy and courage to take risks. Why is it that we so often fail to set ourselves attainable goals or to achieve the goals that we have set? Why aren’t we doing […] The post Lead your thoughts entrepreneur appeared first on LAB Focus.

The impact of localization on rural e-commerce sales

Rural e-commerce sales have been on the rise in recent years, driven by digital technology advancement and the growth of digital marketing. E-commerce is becoming more accessible and convenient for consumers, even in remote rural areas. However, to succeed in rural e-commerce, businesses need to understand the challenges and opportunities of this market. One key […] The post The impact of localization on rural e-commerce sales appeared first on LAB Focus.

LAB Innovation Park for students

LAB is targeting to become the most innovative campus in Finland and with this ambitious goal more research, development and innovation (RDI) projects are going to be founded and applied (LAB 2023). This opens up a lot of unique opportunities for students to participate, work and practice to create something new. RDI is also an […] The post LAB Innovation Park for students appeared first on LAB Focus.