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Through our expertise about The Commercialisation of Innovations, we help to promote productivity and competitiveness by developing new models for businesses and organisations. 

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The Many Faces of Participatory Budgeting

Participatory budgeting (PB), where local inhabitants get a chance to take part in municipal decision making in concrete ways, is implemented in various ways within the Baltic Sea Region. The EmPaci project group meeting held in Krakow, Poland in October 2019 highlighted the enthusiasm for this modern way of democracy. Democracy in Turmoil Finns’ views […]

Smart Business Annual Review 2019 Illustrates RDI Activities of the Focus Area

Smart Business Annual Review 2019 presents research, development and innovation (RDI) operations of the Lahti University of Applied Sciences’ (LAMK) Smart Business focus area through 15 articles that illustrate examples of activities, proceedings and results of the ongoing or recently ended projects of the focus area. The publication demonstrates the development work done in the […]

Some thoughts about founding a games company

On the 7th of November Supercell invited members of Women in Games Finland to a morning meet-up at their office. During the morning, CEO of Supercell, lkka Paananen kindly shared his experiences and visions as a entrepreneur with the participants. This article is mainly based on his talk. Women in Games Finland is a non-profit […]

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