Nhi Ho chose LAB and has never regretted: “Qualified professors and great fellow students are the best parts”

Nhi Ho
Nhi Ho studies in a bachelor’s degree programme of Tourism and Hospitality Management at LAB University of Applied Sciences. “I started my journey with LAB in 2018 and never have I regretted any single piece of my life ever since then”, she says.

A bachelor’s degree at LAB is worth of 210 credits. Studies have been versatile and included both theory and practical studies.

“Basically, students attend classes at the campus depending on their own schedules. Almost every course I attended is incorporated with extra-curriculum activities to encourage students to apply the theories into reality.”

Studies include both online and offline with several forms of assignments: groupwork, individual work, real-life interview, online quiz, contest, etc.

“LAB provides knowledgeable board of professors and interesting extra-curriculum programs”

Nhi had always planned to go study abroad. At first, she had planned to apply a higher education institution in USA. She changed her mind in the last minute.

“My dad reminded me about my dream, which had always been Europe. Still, never had I thought I would study there due to such high costs and living standards. But then I spent days and nights searching for studies in Europe, and the more I got to know about it, the more obviously it became that all the things I heard about it were nothing but stereotypes. Studying in Europe is not so costly. Living in Europe is not so expensive. People in Europe is reserved yet supportive. Education in Europe is of high standard and trustworthy.”

Nhi found information about Finland and, finally, about LAB (or Saimaa University of Applied Sciences at that time).

“LAB provides not only generous scholarship programs, high-quality facilities but also knowledgeable board of professors and interesting extra-curriculum programs for students in several majors including my targeted one: Tourism and Hospitality Management. I made exert attempts and determination. I passed the entrance exam.”

People is the best part

Nhi has enjoyed her two years at LAB. The best part of the studies has been the people, she says, and means both students and professors.

“Most of our professors have been experts in their own fields for over two or three decades. On top of that, my fellow students are awesome. We come from various nationalities: European, Asian, Indian, American, to name a few. Together we are always eager to launch various interesting events around the campus, to open up the topic of cultural differences and learn how to be tolerant of each other, and to unite firmly as a group of strong academic base at LAB.”

Nhi will finish her studies in the USA

If everything goes according the plan, Nhi will study the third year of her studies in South Oregon University (SOU), US.

“I am supposed to finish my thesis there and attain my graduation degree from both SOU and LAB by the end of May 2021.”

Nhi recommends LAB for everyone willing to learn and work hard.

“No matter who you are, where you come from, or how old you are, just as long as you have a true willingness to learn and to grow, to make mistakes and to stand up from them, to fight for what you want and to take what you deserve, LAB are always a home for you.”

Solid foundation for a successful career

The Degree Programme in Tourism and Hospitality Management offers you a wide range of studies that prepare you to provide highclass, innovative services that clients today require.