Engineering allows to discover the world of facts and imagination at once

Karina Galimova
In the LAB University of Applied Sciences, it is possible to study engineering at Lahti and Lappeenranta both in Finnish and English. One of the students of Mechanical Engineering and Production Technology, Karina Galimova, wants to encourage more women and girls to this exciting field of engineering.

Karina Galimova is originally coming from a small provincial town in the Northwest of Russia, called Kostomuksha. She has been living in Finland since she started the studies in LAB almost 3 years ago.

“My choice fell on the faculty of engineering since my passion number one has always been science, particularly physics, an opportunity to independently finding the answers to the troubling questions, while having a foundation corroborated by factual evidence. I chose mechanical engineering and production technology because this scope allows discovering the world of facts and imagination at once.”

Karina is gratified about the field she has been chosen because mechanical engineering offers a broad range of different study areas which to specialized in.

“I like this opportunity of obtaining a profound understanding of the mechanisms of the technological world while individualizing and developing a certain route of science you feel more passionate about. What I like the most about engineering is that it literally is the future, its variety, no two days are the same. It is a mixture of both lab tasks and office work. Embodying a symbiosis of theoretical knowledge and practical experience, it is a field of constant evolution allowing not to stand still but discovering novel technologies being invented every day.”

Work and the studies in the field of engineering can be a variety of anything

The field of technology of the LAB includes the both academic approaches of studying, the practical and theoretical way. Karina clarifies that the lecturing classes offers the theoretical basis. In classes they also work in teams full of different personalities improving their soft skills and trying to socialize in various circumstances.

“The assignments we get are really focused on the potential projects we might work on as future professionals, taking into account the currently trending researches of the scientific world.”

LAB offers studies and practical work side by side. For example, Karina’s study experience has demonstrated that the field provides a sufficient base to put the gotten theoretical knowledge into practice. She also got a summer placement at the maintenance company twice, what became an excellent opportunity to examine the gotten academic background.

“Our professors frequently invite the representatives of various industrial and manufacturing companies, organize excursions to different forums and technics exhibitions. Due to these constant collaborations, we got to visit several local productions, as well as events in Helsinki. It is great that there is an understanding from the university side of how these practical examples might affect the students demonstrating them the possibilities they can achieve in the future.”

“If you are considering a career of an engineer, I would say go for it”

A highly motivated student Karina wants to encourage more women and girls to the field of engineering which is still a bit male-dominated. The field of engineering will need the both genders and it really is exciting field to study and to create a career. Dispelling the myths surrounding the industry are really commendable steps.

“Currently, there’s a lack of women in the engineering sector, which makes it an especial opportunity to highlight some of the women working in this field as role models for girls. Many young people might not otherwise know what engineers are or what they do, so we should concentrate on dispelling the myth that engineering is only about calculating, wearing a uniform and a must of being a male. Engineers can also work on delivering presentations, producing drawings and models, the overcoming such obstacles requires a lot of creativity. These are the traits a future engineer should own. If you are considering a career of an engineer, I would say go for it.”

After graduating from LAB, Karina will continue the studies to the master level. The biggest passion of her is science and the goal she’s striving to is to make at least a small step towards saving the planet.

“I seek to become a qualified specialist in the areas of energy and engineering, by getting a corresponding competency in the field of Nuclear Engineering during my future studies. I would like to dedicate the prospective research to the evidence that a technology that was designed to destroy can be used for the betterment of mankind. For now, I aspire to gain more knowledge and practical experience in various aspects of the industry, sincerely hoping to give important benefits to humanity one day.”


Text: Elina Jokela

Bachelor of Engineering, Industrial Mechanical Engineering

The Degree Programme in Industrial Mechanical Engineering prepares you for an international career, especially in the fields of machine and automation design, production planning and research and development.