Saitemia – Marketing with students

Marketing assist from cooperatives

We offer your company innovative ideas for modern marketing from future sales and marketing professionals. Cooperatives work with companies on marketing projects related to digital marketing, event production or sales development, for example.

The services provided by Saitemia include:

  • Innovate
  • Website
  • Branding
  • Communication
  • Events
  • Ads

... and much more.


Saimaa Team Entrepreneur Academy - Saitemia

Saitemia is an umbrella organization for marketing cooperatives studying marketing at the Lappeenranta campus of LAB University of Applied Sciences. Saitemia operations are guided by a Board of Directors consisting of members of cooperatives.

Saitemia's purpose is to promote the learning form of team entrepreneurship in Lappeenranta, as well as to develop the activities of cooperatives and promote cooperation with various actors nationwide.

Contact us and ask for more information and we will plan a solution to meet your assignment!

You can reach Saitemia by email saimaanakatemiaatgmail [dot] com