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TAJUMO project aspires to create an overall concept and plan for Lahti Art & Design Centre and its HUB network. During the project, concept drafts will be made of the following sections: Art Museum, Living Room Lahti, Lahti Design Center, Shop and Restaurant Services. In the overall concept, the main idea is to provide interactive and participatory experiences for different target groups by using new digital technology. The objective is to produce and pilot several events and showroom cases such as Lahti Art & Design Triennale, virtual furniture and poster exhibition and different kinds of participatory virtual art events. The activities are divided into five work packages: 1) Background research to museum concepts, 2) Service and concept drafts, 3) Service trade and business cooperation, 4) Summary of the overall concept and business model and 5) Prototyping and testing. Working methods used are user research, interactive social network platforms, co-creation, participatory planning and workshops. Along the way, TAJUMO produces a needs analysis of the current state, an overview of innovative national and international museum concepts, as well as alternative options for space and furniture design plans. It also tests different digital solutions for the concept, develops a business cooperation model and network and pilots the service concepts
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ERDF 2014-2020
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Institute of Design