SEinHE - Developing Social Entrepreneurial Skills in Higher Education

SEinHE-project is an Erasmus+ strategic partnership project for developing social entrepreneurship education in five countries. SEinHE-project aims to raise awareness about social entrepreneurship and its benefits around higher education institutions’ community. The project is led by Kaunas University of Applied Sciences in Lithuania, and project partners are LAB University of Applied Sciences, Thomas More Kempen from Belgium, Rezekne Academy of Technologies from Latvia, and University of Nicosia from Cypros. The project studies the competence gaps related to social entrepreneurship in five participating institutions and their regions. The knowledge about social entrepreneurial competences and competence needs will be used for creating methodological approaches and learning contents. The project develops a training program about social entrepreneurship for teachers in Lithuania, Latvia, Cypros, Finland and Belgium.

The budget for the project is 233 749 €, whence the budget share of LAB University of Applied Sciences is 55 216 €. The project is conducted from November 2020 to October 2022.
Project period
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Erasmus 2014-2020
LAB role
Project focus area
The consortium collects datasets from five countries to understand social entrepreneurship education needs.
LAB´s role is to study the competence gaps related to social entrepreneurship and to plan education contents and methods. Based on LAB´s results, the project will create and implement train the trainer program for higher education teachers. The project organizes international intensive programs about social entrepreneurship also to students.
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