Puhdistamolietteen arvokomponentit

The valuable nutrients of municipal sewage sludge could be utilized more efficiently than it is at present. The main challenges are related to low profitability, legal restrictions, and potential harmful substances. The high-value components of sewage sludge – project aims to improve the cost-efficiency of recovering nutrients, organic matter, and minerals from sludge by simultaneously producing high-value end-products, such as bioplastics. The project is focused on ensuring the safety of the end products, creating new circular economy business opportunities, and providing information on best practices of nutrient recycling symbiosis applicable to the Finnish sewage sludge process. In this project, the production of PHA from sludge is being piloted as an alternative to the production of biogas. The information produced in the project creates conditions for developing a duplicable and scalable biorefinery concept where the resources of sewage sludge can be utilized as efficiently as possible.
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