ODF2030-Sustainable sanitation for Ho Municipality, Ghana

ODF2030 –Sustainable sanitation for Ho Municipality, Ghana – project empowers and capacitates public authorities and mobilises the citizens for the achievement of total sanitation. Current level of access to improved sanitation is less than 20 per cent. Open defecation is prevalent, which causes a severe threat on people's health and the environment.

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ODF2030 promotes sustainable sanitation with the help of urine diverting dry toilets and ECOSAN campaigns in urban and rural areas. The ECOSAN solutions not only improve hygiene and health, but also create opportunities for improved food security and poverty reduction through organic fertiliser use. The activities include baseline studies, training courses, regional stakeholder dialogue, pilots, peer learning and public awareness events.

Main partners in Ghana are Ho Municipal Assembly and Ho Technical University. Other direct beneficiaries include the communities involved in ECOSAN campaigns. In Finland, the Global Dry Toilet Association of Finland coordinates the project, which is implemented together with LAMK and Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences.