Lab yrittäjyyskampus

The main goal of the project is to promote the entrepreneurship of Lahti university students. The project builds a framework for Lahti's operating model, which will create a stakeholder cooperation model that supports entrepreneurship between LAB, StartHub, LAB and LUT's student organizations, and LUTES.

ES (Entrepreneurship society) is a community of students interested in entrepreneurship. ES activity aims to promote its members' learning about entrepreneurship through various peer learning, speaker evenings, and workshops. ES activities bring together and bring together people interested in entrepreneurship and information about entrepreneurship itself.

ES activities potentially create new entrepreneurs in their area and create a new kind of entrepreneurial culture that has not existed in higher education after the corona. It also makes the area locally more attractive to students seeking entrepreneurship. ES operations continue to grow strongly. It has involved all the important parties in Finland, such as several universities and colleges, the SLUSH community, and others interested in startup entrepreneurship, based on which Finland can continue to develop very positive developments in the field of growth entrepreneurship and strengthen the existing ecosystem.

The project aims to create a sustainable and permanent operating model for ES operations in Lahti, to develop
the entrepreneurial spirit of the university community. In practice, the development project will build an entrepreneurship campus where students' LUTES activities can benefit from the diverse expertise of universities, existing content, and services (incl. StartHUB). The target group is LUT and LAB students, but the project also promotes entrepreneurship in the entire university community.

The project has resulted in an operating model in which ES activities become an integral part of LAB's entrepreneurship promotion ecosystem and a) feed new startups into LAB's StartHub services and b) highlight potential student entrepreneurs in cooperation with LAB and LUT's student organizations. The project develops the entrepreneurial spirit of the university community and promotes the emergence of an entrepreneurship campus.
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