sMARTTA - Älykkäällä toimintatavalla materiaalitehokkuutta pk-sektorille

Promoting low-carbon economy is important in the Päijät-Häme region. Improving material efficiency in companies and promoting industrial symbioses are ways to do this.

At the moment material efficiency inspections are made to improve material efficiency of companies. However, there
are only a few inspections made yearly, because the companies consider the inspections to be too heavy and too
demanding. To increase the number of yearly inspections the inspections should be more suitable for the SMEs.

Therefore a lighter and more flexible inspection alongside the present operations model is needed.
Industrial symbioses promote resource efficiency and self-sufficiency in companies and regions and hold down the
climate change in their part. In the Finnish Government’s Material Efficiency Program one of the main points is to
connect material inspections to industrial symbiosis.

The main goal of this project is to improve material efficiency of companies in Päijät-Häme region and promote lowcarbon economy in the region. One of the targets is to increase the number of material inspections by developing a new tool to improve material efficiency of SMEs. The new tool demands less resources and is more flexible than the present one.

The project also aims to improve material efficiency of companies by developing new industrial symbioses in the region. One of the targets is to activate municipals and NGOs in industrial symbioses also. The new digital market place for waste and side streams (developed in the project by Finnish Ministry of Environment) is used to form a new industrial symbiosis. Lahti UAS has negotiated with Finnish Ministry of Environment about piloting the market place in this project.

The project also aims to develop the complete resource inspection where both the material and the energy efficiency is covered. The new material efficiency tool is piloted in SMEs in the Päijät- Häme region. Using the experiences and feedback from the SMEs using the tool, inspection is developed further in the project. The new tool is published in the national resource efficiency seminar, which is held in Lahti in 2020.
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