International Cooperation

We believe that sustainable and active collaboration with partner institutions, companies and other organisations in Finland and abroad enhances the quality of our education, research, and innovation activities and enriches our students' learning experience.

Partner Institutions

Our agreements with over 300 higher education institutions around the world secure mobility for both our students and staff.  Together with our international partners, we develop our education and offer variety of internationalization opportunities for our students and staff.

Annually, approximately 20% of our students gain international experience abroad by spending a semester either studying in a partner institution or completing an internship. Every year, we welcome 330 exchange students and many visiting lecturers from all over the world to contribute to a truly international learning environment at LAB.

We have frozen all institutional cooperation with Russian and Belarusian organisations in accordance with the policies of the Ministry of Education and Culture as of 9 March.

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Our partners

We have over 300 partner institutions around the world. 

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