EXAM examination at LAB in Lahti and Lappeenranta

Exam is an electronic examination system, in which the students can take an examination during the time slot the teacher has inserted into the system. The examination is held in separate examination halls, in which there are computers for the examinations and recording surveillance. This brings flexibility to studying! It also gives freedom to the teachers when organizing examinations during the academic year.

Enrolling to the examination and user regulations

Completing an electronic exam

EXAM examination halls

Wear a face mask

Students who take exams on campus must remember to follow guidelines related to the coronavirus and not to come to the campus if they feel at all sick. Wearing a face mask is required in the LUT/LAB EXAM halls.

Lahti Campus, Mukkulankatu 19

Lahti Campus, Niemenkatu 73

  • Opening hours: Campus opening hours Mon-Fri 8-16, EXAM hall open Mon-Fri 8-20 
    • Please note! If the examinees take the exam between the hours of 16-20, they have to contact the info desk of the main lobby of Niemenkatu between 10-14. You must check out the access tag and permission, which must be returned after the exam. The pick up and return of the access tag is agreed personally with the info desk of the main lobby.
  •  Location: Niemenkatu 73 C 2nd floor, 15140 Lahti
    • Entrance via the main door, guided route. Shared space with LAB, LUT and HY
  • Location specific instructions:

Lappeenranta Campus, Yliopistonkatu 34

In Case of a Problem


Special needs

If you have special needs concerning electronic exams, contact opetushelpatlut [dot] fi before registering for the exam.

EXAM visit

Due to COVID-19 restrictions EXAM visit is not available at the LUT group EXAM halls (LAB and LUT).

Exam visit means that you can take your own university’s exam in another university’s Exam room.

More information: https://e-exam.fi/in-english/

EXAM visit for LAB students

When you make a reservation for an exam in another university’s EXAM room, carefully read the instructions and the code of conduct of the university you visit. IMPORTANT: Make sure that the EXAM computer in the university you visit has the software needed in your exam.

Instructions: How to book exam time from another university

EXAM visit in the LAB EXAM rooms for students of another university

If your university has joined the EXAM visit service, you can book an exam time to a LAB EXAM computer in Lahti or Lappeenranta.


EXAM visit service is available at the NiemiCampus, Niemenkatu 73 computers. The EXAM room has open access from 8 am to 16 pm.


You need a magnetic key to enter the EXAM room in Lappeenranta. You can borrow the key from the Student Customer Service during their opening hours. When returning the key outside of office hours, you can leave it to the mailbox by the Student Customer Service’s door. When making a reservation, make sure you have time to retrieve the magnetic key.

EXAM computers 

You don’t have to login to the computer.

On the desktop, double click the shortcut 1. EXAM to begin. Select your home university and login to EXAM with your university’s credentials.


The EXAM computers have the following software available:

  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint                 
  • Paint
  • Notepad
  • Windows Media Player                       
  • Adobe Reader (pdf)
  • Calculator
  • Python IDLE