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Through our expertise about The Commercialisation of Innovations, we help to promote productivity and competitiveness by developing new models for businesses and organisations. 

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Boundary Spanning in Practice: Supporting Local Companies with Fast Action Forces in South-Karelia

Due to Covid-19 crisis a huge amount of Finnish companies have severe financial challenges. Decisions made by Finnish government such as restrictions of movement and closing restaurants have immediately endangered existence of companies in travel and restaurant domains. Finnish government has made decisions to support small and middle-sized (SME) companies in this severe situation by […]

The Epidemic as a Catalyst for Creating New Business Models

After epidemic corona crisis started companies have encountered serious problems mostly caused by loss of customers and cashflow. For many companies this is a question of survival. For some other companies this has been a possibility to innovate new business. This is a specific period of time that we will have a lot to learn […]

Living laboratory in education

We knew it would happen. We even knew how it would happen. But nobody was really prepared to have a deep crisis this spring. Big decisions were made in a hurry in whole world to avoid loss of human lives.  Education school buildings were closed due to the Corona pandemic, but education continued running online. […]