Ellare and Outdooractive at the peak of digital tourism

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Outdooractive platform developed in multiple ways with student cooperation at LAB University of Applied Sciences.

Ellare Oy and Anita Tabulovich, a student of LAB University of Applied Sciences started their cooperation with an internship, which lead to writing a thesis about Outdooractive platform as a tourism business development tool. The thesis also reports the analysis of platform implementation and utilization processes on Ellare and its clients.

Ellare is a Finnish outdoor tourism company, destination marketing organization and a partner of Outdooractive. In Europe, Outdooractive is the biggest outdoor tourism platform, which is a digital home for the worldwide community of outdoor lovers. Outdooractive aims to use the whole potential of digitalization and improve outdoor tourism.

Pirjo Räsänen, Country Manager of Outdooractive and owner of Ellare Oy was impressed with the cooperation during the internship and thesis:

We had the pleasure of having an active and motivated student who took initiative. Our service was developed further with a thesis, which Anita suggested. I believe both of us benefited considerably from our cooperation.

Tabulovich’s thesis discusses the current role of digital platform utilization in the travel business. It considers how the implementation process of the digital tourism platform Outdooractive can be improved in order to better meet current clients’ needs within B2B context in the Finnish market. Tabulovich was pleased with the interesting and valuable experience of collaboration with Ellare. She sums up: "My thesis is a great result of our joint work of the Outdooractive platform as a tourism business development tool. The aim is that the results are useful and will contribute to the further development of Ellare’s business".


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In her thesis Tabulovich points out that digital tourism platforms are one of the most significant driving forces of present tourism. The integration of innovations and modern technologies in tourism gets the highest priority and becomes inevitably as it offers a worldwide infrastructure for the industry. Digital platforms usage helps travel companies to follow current trends of digitalization in the industry. Effective implementation and utilization of digital tourism platform provide proper customer experience, raise profitability, increase competitiveness and attract more customers from wider markets. "I am really grateful for the help and time that Ellare spent on me, as well as for the experience that I gained," she says. 

Text: Ninni Andelin
Pictures: Ellare / Outdooractive

Reference: Tabulovich. A. 2020. Utilization process of digital tourism platform. Case: Outdooractive. LAB University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Business and Hospitality Management. Lahti.


Case text and thesis supervision has been a part of Dynamo - Universities in Boosting Innovations and Know-how in Businesses -project. Read more: Dynamo

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