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Study to be a paramedic nurse!

Paramedic – an expert in acute health care 

As a paramedic, you will help trauma patients or people who suddenly fall ill and need urgent care, both in and out of the hospital. You recognise and anticipate situations threatening the patient's life, and know how to act as the situation requires. In addition to alert tasks, your job will include non-urgent care: examining patients, mapping situations, and planning follow-up care. You will make nursing decisions and also be able to lead a team.

The work of a paramedic requires stress management skills, good interaction skills, and physical fitness. At work, you must be able to make quick independent decisions based on researched information and care instructions. Many paramedics work in ambulances, but you can also find work in, for example, a hospital emergency room or intensive care unit. 

Paramedic studies at the LAB University of Applied Sciences meet the competence requirements of a paramedic, both in theory and in practice. More than a third of the studies take place in real nursing environments and, for example, in simulation exercises. Clinical training in authentic healthcare environments is an integral part of your studies. 

During your studies, you will learn about the technical innovations in nursing, such as nursing robotics and intelligent self-care applications, and how to utilise them to help your client and patient in the best possible way.

The Degree Programme in Paramedic Nursing (RN) will open up a wide range of possibilities to work as a paramedic nurse or a registered nurse in Finland and elsewhere in the European Union.


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