Your Destination - Lahti

Lahti is situated in the southern part of Finland and it is part of the Helsinki metropolitan area. Its location makes it easy to travel to the biggest cities in Finland and to the neighboring countries. As a city it is known for its environmental expertise and for being a renowned design center. Lahti hosts a great variety of activities throughout the year, from cultural to world class sporting events.


Your trip to Lahti


Helsinki-Vantaa international airport

You can book the flight to Helsinki-Vantaa international airport, and from there you can take either a train or a bus to Lahti. Note that it is difficult to reach Lahti at night time so try to book your flight and travels for daytime.

You will have to pay for the bus as you get on. The ticket price to Lahti is approximately 10-22 euros and you can pay by cash or credit card. All buses leave from the Terminal 2. Follow the signs "busses" from the arrival terminal. You can check your airline’s arrival terminal from the airport website or your flight ticket. Busses to Lahti leave from the platform (laituri in Finnish) 56. That is the platform for long-distance buses. Please note that changes can always occur so check with the bus driver that he is definitely driving to Lahti. The destination written in the front of the bus could be Jyväskylä, Heinola, Lahti or something else, so always confirm with the driver.

In addition, you can easily reach Lahti by using Ring Rail Line. It takes about 50 minutes to Lahti and you need to switch train ones in Tikkurila station. Operating on the Ring Rail Line will be I and P trains. There are only two stations between Tikkurila and the Airport. Both train P and I stop at all stations but run in opposite directions on the ring rail line. Train ticket from airport to Lahti costs about 12 euros.

All busses and trains in Lahti are going through the Lahti Travel Centre. Your tutor student will be at the Travel Centre to meet you as long as you have notified your arrival time. Once you have a student card you will be able to receive discounts on local and national travel tickets. Therefore, please remember that you might not be able to get a student discount when arriving to Lahti as you will not have your Finnish student card yet. 

To check timetables for the buses please visit Matkahuolto or Onnibus web pages.
To check timetables for the buses please visit VR web pages.


Travelling from St. Petersburg (Russia)

If you go to Lahti from St. Petersburg (Russia) the simplest way to arrive is to take a fast train Allegro, which arrives to Lahti Travel Centre.


Lahti public transportation

Please find information about Lahti local transportation and how to purchase a Waltti travel card.