Application Assignments

The application assignments for the degree programmes in English at the Institute of Design and Fine Arts.

Joint Application 5–19 January, 2022

  • Bachelor of Culture and Arts, Industrial Design
  • Bachelor of Culture and Arts, Packaging and Brand Design

Please complete the application process at before 3 p.m. on 19 January 2022 and complete and submit all three assignments on this page by 20 February 2022.


1. Letter of Motivation

Write us a Letter of Motivation.

Tell us for example…

  • Why do you want to study design at the LAB University of Applied Sciences?
  • Why should we choose you as a degree student at the LAB Institute of Design and Fine Arts?
  • What is your passion regarding design?
  • What do you expect to learn during your degree studies?

Methods and tools:
Write a one-page text

Assessment criteria:
motivation, understanding of the field of design, written language skills


2. Drawing: Minimalist Survival Kit

What is the least amount of things you need in your everyday life?

Draw one image presenting this set of necessary things. Aim for realism.

Methods and tools:
Use a pencil, no colours. Draw on A4- or A3-sized paper and photograph or scan your drawing. You can also create a grayscale drawing digitally.

Assessment criteria:
illustration and drawing skills, idea


3. Prototyping: Sustainable Green Food

Design an indoors herb garden out of recycled materials. Build a mock-up prototype and photograph it in a kitchen. 

Growing your own food indoors not only gives you fresh ingredients but can also be a sustainable hobby. Many herb planters are made out of non-recycled plastics which is not the most ecological option – design a recycled solution that stands out from the plastic competition!

Methods and tools: 
Make a drawing of your design that shows a side-view and a top-view of the product. Name the components/materials used in the product in the drawing. Create a 1:1 size prototype model using materials and methods available to you. You can also find actual recycled material and make an actual product.

Photograph the model/product in a kitchen. You can photograph or scan your drawing or create it using digital tools. Send two files: the drawing and a picture of the model.

Assessment criteria:
visual presentation of the design and model, visual impact of the design, sustainability of presented solution