Frequently asked questions

Can I mail in my assignments?

Send us your application assignments via email. Please see our instructions.

Online? How does COVID affect the application process?

Our application process is online and will not be directly affected by the pandemic. The application exams will require the applicant to have access to a mobile device or computer equipped for video conferencing. The actual assignments will not require the applicant to have a computer, but a mobile device with a camera is enough. 

Can I apply into more than one of your programmes?

Sure! You can apply into more than one of our programmes taught in English. And if you can manage studies in Finnish, apply also into our Finnish speaking programmes. More info at (or in Finnish). Application period for our programmes in Finnish is 17. – 31.3.2021. 
Note: You need to send us the application assignments for each programme you apply for!

As I need to photograph my work, is the quality of my photographs assessed too?

The technical quality of your photos is not assessed (if this is not mentioned as an assessment criteria). Of course it's necessary to do your best so that your actual work is easy to assess, please read our instructions carefully. 

Can I get feedback on how I did? 

Regrettably we cannot give you feedback on your assignments and performance. Application assignments will be assessed on a pass/fail scale. All assignments and the interview completed during the application exams will be assessed on a point scale of 0–100. Your resulting points are available to you at after the application process is complete.